Without Injury Resulting in Missing Days of Work (LTI)

30 April 2020Interport Mandiri Utama

This achievement is the result of the hard work and cooperation of employees at the Gresik Marshalling Yard Project who remain committed to HSE.

The Marshalling Yard Gresik project has a scope of material storage services, maintenance (preservation) during the storage period, to the shipment of materials to be delivered to Tangguh - West Papua. The project that serves CSTS (Chiyoda Saipem Tripatra S.A.I) as the primary Client has been going on since January 2017 until now. Most of the managed materials come from client vendors located in the area of ​​East Java Province or from overseas vendors through Tanjung Perak, Surabaya customs. This project is located in the Siam Maspion Terminal District Area. Gresik, East Java. The facilities available include Open Yard, Indoor Warehouse, Cold Storage, as well as supporting office buildings.

Since the project established in January 2017 until now, there have been no LTI accidents, with a comprehensive HSE program being implemented. The HSE program is implemented to establish a safe work culture, including according to the requirements of the Client. The HSE program is not just a piece of writing on paper. However, the most crucial thing in its implementation is Commitment, Communication, Cooperation & Concern, easy-to-use documents, and maintenance of performance as a group.

The achievement of 250,000 working hours without any injury resulting in Lost Days of Work (LTI) is the first milestone achieved since the project started. As an appreciation from the management, LTI Free Rewards were given in the form of jackets, bags and hats which were distributed to all workers, subcontractors, and client representatives in the area.
Congratulations and success!