Supported by extensive facilities in 4 locations in the country.

What We Do

Supported by extensive facilities in 4 locations in the country.

A solid team of experienced experts, and a reliable system backed by a strong infrastructure, Interport’s logistics solution is specifically designed for efficiency to support your business growth.

Why Interport? 

  • Operating from 4 locations.
  • Proven Management Team and Operating System
  • End-to-end Waste Management Services
  • Certified Offshore Cargo-Carrying Unit
  • Inspection and Certification Services
  • Freight Consolidation and forwarding
  • Licensed Bonded Logistic Center (PLB) 
  • Qualified People and Equipment for Materials Handling
  • Improved Warehouse Management Service

Logistic Base/Supply Base
Centered in a single operational area, we cover all Logistic Base/Supply Base needs for different industries, including oil and gas, mining, and construction. All of our services are executed according to international standard and the applicable Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standard for Supply Base Management with the support of certified equipment and personnel. 

Waste Management
We provide fully integrated waste management solution from our waste sorting and segregation facility to the disposal site with our certified equipment and crew for the safe handling of waste. To help ensure compliance with environmental and waste management regulations and standards, we also provide periodical reports, reminders, and web-based monitoring platforms for a number of waste management and environmental issues.

Freight Forwarding
Our freight forwarding services are designed for optimal efficiency to ensure lower logistic footprint with multi-mode transportation support and extensive warehousing and storage facilities. HSE and sustainability are always a priority in our operation as we cater to the energy, engineering & construction, and other industry sectors. 

Power Plant Logistics
Oriented towards safety and efficiency, our Power Plant Logistics services cover coal handling and Balance of Plant (BOP) operation, coal stockpile management, coal discharging, and stevedoring. 

Fuel Terminal
Equipped with advanced automation system, our modern fuel terminals employ high safety standards. From tank cleaning to product storage and delivery, we provide the highest standard of services managed by qualified and professional personnel. 

Marine Agency
We provide full Marine Agency services that are designed for seamless operation and fast turnaround with the support of an experienced team.