19 February 2024praditya imandha pramudji

Interport, a subsidiary of PT Indika Energy tbk (INDY) which operates in the field of port operators, fuel terminals and logistics, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Portek – a port operator company based in Singapore which is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Japan.

Interport is a national company that has experience in investment strategies, infrastructure development and port management with logistics service capabilities serving various energy sector companies in Sorong, Balikpapan, Patimban and Surabaya. Meanwhile, Portek is a global port management company that has networks in Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam), Europe (Latvia, Malta) and African countries such as Gabon, Algeria, and Rwanda.

The signing of the MoU was carried out electronically by the President Director of Interport, Widjaja S. Sumarjadi and Kotaro Hasegawa as Chief Operation & Development Officer of Portek. Submission of documents was carried out at Interport's head office in South Jakarta, on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, witnessed by Interport's director, Alif Sasetyo and Fiona Koe Peck Hoon as Head, Strategic Planning from Portek.

The MoU between Portek and Interport was carried out to identify expansion opportunities and expand the business scope of both companies in Indonesia. In this collaboration, the two companies will collaborate on various initiatives to develop the capacity and capability of Public and Private Ports in Indonesia.

In his remarks, Interport's President Director, Widjaja S. Sumarjadi, stated, "We are very enthusiast about this collaboration. We believe that by joining forces between Interport and Portek we will be able to increase efficiency, reliability and service quality in port management in Indonesia."

Furthermore, the MoU that was established includes a process of sharing knowledge insights on national market networks and technology transfer between the two companies. This MoU will put both Companies at the forefront of industry trends comprehension and improving the service capabilities.

Portek International Pte Ltd, said, "Indonesia has tremendous market potential, we see an opportunity to bring our substantial expertise and extensive experience to this country. Through this partnership, we hope we can make a real contribution to advance the logistics ecosystem in Indonesia."


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